St Catherine's College

Thursday, 23 June 2005

  10th IT Support Staff Conference


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Workshop List

ID no. Topic/theme Presenter Presentation
Workshop Description
1 Building High Security Networks Ben Smith, Senior Security Strategist, Microsoft Security Strategies Team  
Building computer networks that require a high degree of security takes an immense amount of forethought and consideration. In this workshop, Ben Smith - Senior Security Strategist at Microsoft - will detail general rules, best practices, and strategies for building highly protected networks that you can use in your organization.
2 Which Linux? Barry Cornelius, OSS Watch  .html
DistroWatch reports that there are over 300 distributions of Linux. Each has a different feature set, user community and development community. Clearly it is not a case of one size fits all. It would be interesting to learn whether the UK universities tend to adopt the same feature set and distribution. Coming closer to home, what is the feature set and distribution of choice for Oxford departments? This workshop summarizes recent research undertaken locally by OSS Watch (, which will contribute to a national survey this autumn.
3 Open Source Content Management Systems Stephen Morgan, Managing Director of in the UK  
An Open Source Content Management System (MySource Matrix) is now being used by Oxford University Libraries Systems and Electronic Resources Services and The School of Archaeology to build and manage their websites. I will deliver a practical, step by step guide on how to implement an Open Source CMS. The workshop will include an overview of the resources required and the costs involved.
4 Oxford-Google Digitization Project Frances Boyle, Electronic Resources Manager, SERS .pdf  .sxi  .odp  .ppt
A general overview of the recently announced mass-digitization project between the University and Google, Inc. The project is at the planning stage and the work is ongoing between OULS and Google to put in place a robust workflow.
5 Higher Education Role Analysis (HERA) John Dickson and Sarah Haworth, OU Personnel Services .pdf  .sxi  .odp  .ppt
From August 2006 the University will have a single new pay and grading structure and the HERA job evaluation scheme will be used to grade jobs. This talk will provide an introduction to HERA. It will cover the development of the scheme, provide a description of its components, and an explanation of how it operates. There will be an opportunity to ask how HERA will be used to evaluate IT roles.
6 Enterprise Storage Solutions in IMSU Tim Shaw, IMSU  
A look at how IMSU (Clinical School Information Management Services Unit) has implemented data storage and backup solutions including a look at SAN (Storage Area Network) technologies and some of the solutions IMSU has used in providing data storage for the Division of Medicine.
7 Supercomputing in Oxford University Jon Lockley, Oxford Supercomputing Centre .pdf
A look at the facilities provided by the Oxford Supercomputing Centre (OSC) and how they fit into the national and local structures for high performance computing. We'll discuss the challenges of managing the centre's systems, what they are being used for and explain how to gain access to them. Finally, we'll describe plans for the expansion of the OSC and how Oxford's research community can and indeed should influence the centre's future.
8 Installing and Configuring WebAuth Stephen Quinney, OUCS .pdf  .sxi  .odp  .ppt
In this workshop, we give a brief overview of the WebAuth protocol and a demonstration of WebAuth in action. We then move on to describe the steps required to set up WebAuth on your own Apache2 web server, and demonstrate installation of Apache2 and WebAuth on a Debian GNU/Linux server and configuration for use with the Oxford WebAuth service.
9 OSIRIS Client Software Niall Hedderley, Central Admin MIS .pdf  .sxi  .odp  .ppt
Some additional applications have recently been made available to Departmental OSIRIS users. These additional applications - Discoverer and ADI - both give OSIRIS users additional views of their financial data. This worklshop is itended to look at some of the technical aspects of both Discoverer and ADI for Departmental IT staff
10 The Freedom of Information and Data Protection Acts Tony Brett, OUCS .pdf  .sxi  .odp  .ppt
This workshop will give an overview of the Data Protection Act 1998 and the Freedom of Information Act 2000. We will look at the most important points of each act, what they mean for the UK HE community and how the two acts interact with each other.
11 Networking Made Easy John Ireland, Jesus College .pdf  .sxi  .odp  .ppt
Want to know your switch from your hub? Your router from your firewall? Then this is the workshop for you! - A beginners' guide to real data networks: from cables and equipment to design and diagnostics. We will take a look at a typical college network, focussing on the things you need to know for basic network support and administration.
12 Taming the User Katherine Craddock & Peter Higginbotham .pdf  .sxi  .odp  .ppt
When an IT expert is asked to help with a user's problems, it is not uncommon for much time to be wasted solving the wrong problem, discussing irrelevant details or performing tasks a user really ought to do themselves. Peter and Katherine provide effective strategies gleaned from their combined 40 years of user support experience. The workshop deals with techniques for getting to the crux of a problem quickly and encouraging the users to help themselves. Tips will also be provided on time-management when helping users and on dealing with difficult user types.
13 Firewalls, Securing Networks (Automated Computer Registration) Steve Kersley  
This workshop looks at the creation of an automated system to allow students to register their computers on the College network: the needs, the decisions taken during design and the final implementation as well as looking at how it can be expanded.
14 Installing a wireless network for University members Oliver Gorwits, OUCS .pdf  .sxi  .odp  .ppt
OUCS has developed a wireless service for University members. As the service makes use of the existing VPN infrastructure, it is known as OWL-VPN. This workshop will be a technical presentation addressing how you might go about installing an OWL-VPN service. Apart from a brief summary, there will be no repeat of last year's wider consideration of wireless networking technology and issues.
The workshop will conclude with a demonstration of OUCS's wireless developments for visitors to the University, including account management, sign-on procedures, and deployment requirements.
15 WebLearn - Recent Developments Adam Marshall, OUCS .pdf  .sxi  .odp  .ppt
This session includes a description of the recent and up-coming features of the Bodington VLE (known locally as Weblearn). Topics: RSS Feeds / Blogging, visual access control display, announcements, open URL reading lists, notifications, skills profiling, Shibboleth Identity Provider (Origin), integration with LAMS and TOIA, integration with Moodle, and IMS Enterprise (web) services.
16 ISIDORE Update for IT Staff John Jenkins, OUCS .pdf  .sxi  .odp  .ppt
There will be an update on the roll out of ISIDORE Graduate Admissions to the University. Further work in 2005 and its impact will be covered. Technical and other issues that affect IT staff and the project will be the key part of this workshop.
17 Mac OS X Tiger Server James Partridge, OUCS  
This workshop will give an overview of new and improved features in Tiger server (including Kerberos & Kerberised services, managing Windows clients, secure iChat / Instant Messaging server & local software update services).

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