Special Interest & Advisory Groups

IT Managers' Group

Chair: Jeremy Worth

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Groupware Advisory Group

(Acting) Chair: Gerard Robinson

TalkShop Forum


Information Security Advisory Group

Chair: Jonathan Ashton

TalkShop Forum

This Group provides a communications framework that promotes, and engages ITSS in the management of Information Security throughout the Collegiate University. We exist to promote best practice for Information Security across the University and to provide an impetus to identify concerns, suggestions, problems and solutions.




Chair: Dr Andrew Richards (Oxford eResearch Centre)

The Oxford Supercomputing Centre (OSC) in conjunction with ICT Forum has created a special interest group for those involved with providing high performance computing (HPC) and advanced research computing services across Oxford.

This SIG is open to anyone within Oxford to discuss issues around HPC and advanced research computing in general. From technical to policy to funding issues.

If you want to join the group please contact andrew.richards@oerc.ox.ac.uk


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